Basic course

Workshop - Preface

For advanced training courses in endoscopy, the Erlangen model (Dr. Neumann’s "Erlangen Endo-Trainer"), using biological tissue in the form of specially prepared pig stomachs, provides extremely realistic training facilities for a large number of endoscopic techniques. Using specialized versions of the simulation technique (different models and specimens), the spectrum of training provided ranges from a basic course in endoscopy up to challenging ERCP treatment techniques under the C-arm. In addition, the ability to simulate a bleeding scenario means that ways of dealing with critical emergencies and complications can be practiced in addition to the standard procedures. The real situation can also be practiced in a team-training format – the doctor can train with his or her own assistants.

Evaluation studies have shown that individual skills can be improved in a verifiable fashion through participation in training workshops and in relation to the number of practical exercises personally conducted. Documented learning curves show that complications, errors, and long examination times can be reduced.