developed by Dr. M. Neumann

Lifelike endoscopic simulation by combining an anatomical model-torso with biogenic organs.

The bio-simulation model, named the "Erlanger Endo-Trainer", consists of an anatomically formed torso and head. The torso can be rotated within two special fittings around the longitudinal axis, and can be locked in any desired side position. Inside the torso, a cleaned and specially prepared pig stomach is placed in an anatomically correct position. The specimens are then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the various techniques. For training of endoscopic haemostasis a tubing and perfusion system with adjustable container and stop-valve system is incorporated into the frame and allows for recreation of bleeding sequences. The perfusion system is powered by an electric pump integrated into the base of the frame and which can be controlled easily by assistants or technicians and simulates the heartbeat of the "patient".